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  • Nicotine Salt
  • model:5965-83-3
  • brand:ZHII
  • origin:XI'AN China
  • Packaging:1KG

English Name:Nicotine salt

originXi’an, Shaanxi, China 


Purity:   ≥99.50%

Nicotine (Potentiometric Titration):  32.20%

Product Name: Nicotine salt (solid nicotine)
CAS Registry Number: 5965-83-3
EINECS accession number: 202-555-6
Molecular weight: 254.21
Molecular formula: C7H10O8S
Melting point: 106-110 ° C
Water soluble: soluble
Nature Description: white crystalline or crystalline powder, soluble in water or ethanol, when the decomposition of high temperature, if with a trace of iron ions for the pink crystal. Melting point of 120 ° C. Quality standards: 1, the total acidity 992, sulfate 53, dry weight loss <204, the solubility of transparent (20 solution clarification)
Safety instructions:
S26: In case of contact with eyes, immediately use a lot of water rinse and send medical treatment.
S45: accident or discomfort, immediately to the doctor for help (preferably to bring the product container label).
S36 / 37/39: Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and use protective glasses or face shields.
Application: mainly used for electronic cigarettes, pharmaceutical intermediates, additives and so on




Name: nicotine salt;


Content: 99% (HPLC)


Which is equivalent to the content of nicotine: 32.2% (potentiometric titration);


Character: white crystal or powder, soluble in water, ethanol, propylene glycol (PG), etc.


Usage recommendation: dilute nicotine salt with propylene glycol (PG) to 100mg / mL firstly, and then start to use.


100mg / ml nicotine salt mixture process method:


1, Prepare a set of stirring and heating equipment.;


2. Filling approx 700 mL (735g) of PG into the equipment first; 3, Then put nicotine salt 315g into the equipment;


4, Set temperature 60  -80 , start to stir and heat at the same time,


5, Stirring and heating approx 30 minutes, must keep the temperature during whole process, the nicotine salt can be dissolved completely.


6, Filling PG to make up volume to 1L, continue to keep the heating temperature 60


-80 , stirring and heating approx 5 minutes, no precipitation, no solid.


7, If the nicotine salt are not dissolved completely, extend the stirring and heating time appropriately .

8, While dissolution, nicotine salt and PG can be increased or decreased according to the above proportion .